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The TIPI Site is published by the Tipi Association.
Its activity is domiciled 4 rue Pagès – 34070 Montpellier – France
(Hereafter TIPI)

Email address: contact@tipi.pro

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TIPI offers information on its activity around the emotional regulation capacity highlighted by Luc Nicon.

This information mainly concerns:
– the use of our emotional regulation capacity,
– the professionals trained to use this capacity (directory, geographic maps, contact details, etc.),
– free training (“Emotional autonomy for all”),
– paid training (“Teaching emotional regulation in situations”, “Teaching emotional regulation to children”, “Helping others”, “Helping children”, “Professional support”, “Psychosomatic support”) in order to regulate the difficulties recurrent emotional problems of any person: fears, anxieties, phobias, anxieties, stress, annoyances, violence, inhibitions…

Preamble – Definitions

In the present:

The term “Site” means the Site http://tipi.pro .

The term “User” designates any person using the Site.

The term “Participant” designates any person registering for the training offered by TIPI.

The term “CGU” designates these General Conditions of Use.

TIPI reserves the right to revise these general conditions at any time, the new conditions apply to any new registration, regardless of the precedence of the relations between TIPI and the Participant.

Article 1: object

The T & Cs apply to all the information offered on the Site and in particular the training offers offered by TIPI and subject to an order from the Participant, namely the “Teaching emotional regulation in situation” training, “Teaching emotional regulation to children”, “Helping others”, “Helping children”, “Professional support”, “Psychosomatic support”.

– The training “Emotional regulation in situation” allows anyone who wishes (children from 10 years old, adolescents, adults), when they are in emotional difficulty, directly in situation, to regulate their emotions definitively.
This training is given over 2 times an hour spaced 15 days to a month.

– The training “Emotional regulation for children” allows children from 5 to 10 years old, while they are in emotional difficulties (anger, grief, distress, inhibition …) to immediately calm down and regulate definitively their emotions.
This training is given in 1 hour workshop.

– The training “Helping others in situation” allows anyone who wishes to help children from 10 years old, adolescents, adults, when they are in emotional difficulty, directly in situation, by allowing them to definitively regulate their emotions.
This training is given over 2 half-days spaced from 15 days to a month.

– The training “Helping children in situation” allows anyone who wishes to take care of children over 2 years old and under 10 years old when they are in a situation of emotional difficulty (anger, grief, distress, inhibition …) to immediately soothe them and allow them to regulate their emotions once and for all.
This training is given over 2 half-days spaced from 15 days to a month.

– The “Accompaniment Pro” training allows anyone who so wishes to train in emotional regulation to support people with delayed emotional difficulty, that is to say when the person is no longer in a crisis situation.
It is made up of 4 sessions. “Supervisions” are offered annually.
“Professional meetings” constitute the continuing education offered by TIPI. They are generally organized every 4 months.
These sessions are given over two to three and a half days of training depending on their educational program.
The “Accompagner Pro” training is the subject of a specific training contract available at http://tipi.pro/contrat-de-formation-tipi-pro/

– The “Psychosomatic Coaching” training allows professionals trained and certified in Professional Coaching who so wish, with the use of emotional regulation, to help people in the event of:
– physical reactions following an emotional disturbance: reactions skin, pain (migraines, muscular tension…) and all types of physical reactions generally considered as somatizations.
– behavioral reactions: addictions (food, harmful substances, work, computer, etc.), compulsive reactions (tocs, stuttering, etc.), unconscious avoidance (procrastination, amnesic episode, etc.), control, empowerment.
It is made up of 2 sessions. “Supervisions” are offered annually.
These sessions are given over two days of training (one day for “Supervisions”.
The “Psychosomatic Support” training is subject to a specific training contract available at http://tipi.pro/contrat- tepee-of-training-Psychosomatic /

– The “Teaching emotional regulation” training courses allow anyone who wishes to do so to train themselves in teaching emotional regulation to people who wish to become independent or who wish to offer emotional regulation to their personal surroundings or in a professional setting.
It is made up of different training courses: Teaching “Emotional regulation in situations” individually and in groups, Teaching “Emotional regulation for children” individually and in groups, Teaching “Helping others in situations”, Teaching “Helping children situation “.
These training courses are given online or in situ over one to three days, depending on their educational program.
The different training courses “Teaching emotional regulation” are each the subject of a specific training contract:
– Teaching “Helping others in a situation” individually: http://tipi.pro/contrat-de-formation- Teacher- teepee-direct-in-individual /
– Facilitate “Helping others in a situation” in a group: http://tipi.pro/contrat-de-formation-animer-tipi-direct-en-groupe/
– Teach “Helping children in situation “individually: http://tipi.pro/contrat-de-formation-
Teacher-tipi-pour-les-petits- en-individuel/ – Facilitate” Helping children in situation “in group: http: // tipi.pro/contrat-de-formation-animer-tipi-pour-les-petits-en-groupe/

Article 2 – Registration for training

Registration is directly concluded between TIPI and the Participant.

The User who wishes to register for training sessions must complete a registration form to download from the Site.

When registering, the User must provide accurate information.
The information required for registration is name, address, telephone number, email, year of birth, profession and commonly spoken languages.

The order is deemed firm and final when the Participant returns the completed and signed registration form.

Registration for all training sessions is subject to acceptance of the request after a possible prior interview.

Registration for a training is only effective after receipt of payment of the registration amount (confirmation is sent by email).

Participation in a Training, Supervision or Professional meeting offered by TIPI automatically updates the Participant with the contractual conditions attached to these training actions.

Any registration for a training implies the unconditional acceptance by the Participant and his full and complete adhesion to these Terms.
The Participant acknowledges for this purpose that he has received sufficient information and advice from TIPI, enabling him to ensure that the supply of services matches his needs.

Article 3 – Price of training

The price per participant is indicated for each training in the “Registration methods and prices” tab available on the Site.

Article 4 – Payment

For the “Helping others in situation” and “Helping children in situation” training courses, which are mainly intended for individuals, unless otherwise indicated for each training in the “Registration and prices” tab, the regulations of the The full price of the training is to be paid upon registration, by check or by bank transfer payable to the trainer, to be included with the reservation.

For the “Professional Support”, “Psychosomatic Support” and “Teaching emotional regulation” training courses aimed at professionals, unless otherwise indicated for each training in the “Registration and prices” tab, the regulations registration must supplement registration for training. Payment for the entire training must be made when registering for the training by paying by credit card with PayPal, our financial partner.
This payment by bank card can be split into several monthly payments.
These regulations will not be returned in the event of the Participant’s non-participation, whether partial or for the entire training.

The modification of the registration is possible up to 1 month before the professional training. After this deadline, to preserve the good organization of the training, the registration can no longer be modified.

Article 5 – Withdrawal

In accordance with the regulations of the Consumer Code, if the Participant is a natural person undertaking training “Emotional regulation in a situation”, “Emotional regulation for children”, “Helping others in a situation” or “Helping children in situation ”on an individual, non-professional basis, and at his expense, he may withdraw and cancel his registration within fourteen days of receipt of his payment.

The cancellation of training courses gives rise to reimbursement of the registration fees incurred by the Participant.

Article 6 – Cancellation and postponement at the initiative of TIPI to a training

If the number of participants in a training is deemed insufficient, for educational reasons, TIPI reserves the right to cancel this training at the latest one month before the scheduled date. Registration fees previously paid will be fully reimbursed.

TIPI reserves the right to postpone the training, to modify the place of its progress, the content of its program or the instructors, while respecting the same educational quality of the initial training if circumstances beyond its control require it.

Article 7 – Exclusion of a participant and refusal of TIPI’s registration for training

TIPI reserves the right:

  • To exclude from any training, and at any time, any participant whose behavior would hinder the smooth running of the training and / or would seriously miss these Terms;
  • To refuse any registration from a Participant on legitimate and non-discriminatory grounds, and in particular to refuse any registration for a Participant with whom there is a dispute relating to their non-compliance with these Terms or the payment of a registration earlier.

Article 8 – Participant’s complaint

Any complaint from the Participant must be sent to TIPI by e-mail at formation@tipi.pro

Article 9 – Liability of TIPI

Tipi could be held responsible for any direct damage suffered by the Participant, and resulting from the execution of the training actions.

The compensation due to the Participant, in compensation for his loss, may not exceed the amount paid by the Participant for the service provided.

The Participant acknowledges, by these T & Cs, that TIPI has satisfied its duties of information, advice and warning concerning the characteristics of the Site and its training.

Users are presumed to be informed of the unreliability of the Internet network.

Consequently, TIPI cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from the use of this network: virus, intrusion, or a technical problem attributable to the technical providers of the Site.

The same applies in the event of an interruption necessary for its maintenance or updating or in the event of a computer attack aimed at hampering its proper functioning (in particular “hacking” or “mail bombing   ).

Furthermore, TIPI cannot be held liable for indirect damage such as loss of data, files, loss of business, commercial loss, loss of profit or damage to image and reputation.

In all cases, TIPI’s liability is excluded in the event of force majeure.

Article 10 – Intellectual property

Article 10.1 – On the Site

TIPI holds the copyright to the Site and its content, including software and databases, as well as the sui generis right of database producer.

All the elements constituting the Site, i.e. the brands, domain names, texts, data, structure, tree structure, thesaurus, headings, logos, graphics, images, photographs, names, as well as the Site itself. -same, are the exclusive property of TIPI.

Any extraction, reuse, representation, reproduction, exploitation, adaptation, translation of the Site and all or part of its content is prohibited without the express prior consent of TIPI.

These obligations are applicable for the entire duration of TIPI’s intellectual property rights and for all countries, including after the completion of this contract.

Article 10.2 – On training

TIPI alone holds the intellectual property rights relating to the training it has; so that all the teaching aids, whatever the form (paper, digital, oral) used within the framework of the training, remain its exclusive property.

Consequently, the Participant refrains from using, reproducing, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, adapting, modifying, translating, representing, marketing or distributing the educational materials made available to third parties. available during the training, without express written authorization from TIPI.

Failure to comply with article 10.2 immediately results in the person’s removal from the directory of professionals offered on the Site.
TIPI also reserves the right to take legal actions it deems useful.

Article 11 – Personal data

Article 11.1 – Personal data of users

The Site is declared to the CNIL under the number  1937744

TIPI reserves the right to communicate to third parties any information if this is necessary to comply with laws or regulations in force, on any judicial or administrative requisition, police or gendarmerie.

The personal data of the users are only transmitted to third parties in the cases necessary for the services or with their agreement.

The user is informed that, for its proper functioning, the Site uses cookies which may contain personal information.

The site does not store any user banking data, the latter being in the exclusive possession of banks or payment intermediaries approved by the Banque de France.

Article 11.2 – Communication

The Participant enrolled in a training program agrees to receive communications related to this program by email, telephone or telephone application (Telephone, SMS, WhatsApp).

The contact details used for this purpose are those provided when registering for the training program. Subsequently, at any time, the Participant may request the modification of their contact details.

If the participant no longer participates in any training program offered by TIPI, he can request the withdrawal of his contact details by simple email to administration@tipi.pro .

Article 12 – Applicable law and allocation of powers

The present conditions are governed by French law. Any dispute related to its execution will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts. In the event of litigation between TIPI and a User, the litigation will be subjected to the competence of the jurisdictions of the spring of the Court of Appeal of Montpellier.