The Tipi Pro professional training course fee: €2,160

This fee covers: 
▫ Highly personalised training course, innovative teaching methods, and the possibility of completing the course in a short amount of time.
▫ A minimum of 13 individual tutorials with trainers + evaluation of assessment work.
▫ Continuous availability of all course materials via an online platform throughout the entire training.
▫ Three annual continuous training development meetups for certified professionals.
▫ Personal listing on the website in the emotional regulation professional directory.

The course fee also helps the Tipi Association: 
▫ Implement campaigns with the general public offering services that are free-of-charge (this is the main purpose of the non-profit association).
▫ Administrative staff to respond to requests (by phone and by mail) and provide advice relating to emotional regulation trainings.
▫ Administration of the website and a dedicated server and associated software.
▫ Communications on emotional regulation.
▫ Development and research into teaching methods which are then incorporated into the training courses.
▫ Legal protection of the Tipi name, Tipi and emotional regulation graphics and all teaching materials used during training courses.


Tipi is a French non-profit association (association loi 1901 sans but lucratif) which works to disseminate emotional regulation in a transparent and fair manner.