Training contract “Teach ‘autonomy in deferred emotional regulation’”
(version 3.50 of 17 September 2017)

Following this training you will be able to teach children over 10yrs, teenagers and adults, individually, how to regulate their emotional difficulties once they have passed i.e. when the person is no longer overwhelmed by the emotion but wishes to permanently regulate the emotional difficulty.

This training is open to professionals who have completed the Tipi Professional Training and have been awarded their Certification.

The teacher training is organised in the following way:
• The trainee teacher must have completed the training “Facilitate Emotional Freedom for all workshops”.
• The trainee teacher must attend all three days of a “Teach autonomy in deferred emotional regulation”
• If, at the end of the training, the trainer considers that the trainee teacher has not met the requisite criteria to become proficient in teaching autonomy in deferred emotional regulation to individuals, s/he may, upon approval, provide the trainee with a personalized training plan.

1/ The professional training “Teach autonomy in deferred emotional regulation to individuals” gives you the right to:

(*) Professional training in the relevant course.

(**) Use the «Tipi» logo and name, which are both protected.
To enable effective and consistent communications about emotional regulation, the right to use the “Tipi” logo and name is granted to you personally and not to any professional organisation and your use must comply with the graphic charter made available to you.
Furthermore, the name “Tipi” must not be used in any domain name or in the name of any other group or application on the Internet (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos etc.). Similarly, the “Tipi” logo must not be used to identify a private or commercial site or to identify any other group or application on the Internet. Any such use is subject to the prior written approval of the Tipi association.
More generally, you undertake to comply with the General Terms and Conditions in effect at:

(***) Post your professional contact details along with a photo in the directory of emotional regulation professionals trained to teach “individual autonomy” to Individuals on the website. This service is free for the first year after the training, after which it is renewed upon completion of annual supervisions.

2/ You undertake to:

(*) Faithfully use the teaching methods and materials provided during the “Teach autonomy in deferred emotional regulation” training and to use the latest versions available to you.

(**) Work within a legal framework (registered activity) and a physical environment that is suitable for teaching a person how to regulate their emotions.

(**) Attend an annual supervision starting the year following your training.
Supervision days are organised regularly and will help you stay up to date and validate your practice.
Participation in the annual supervisions is required in order to benefit from all the rights granted upon completion of the training.
Supervision days are provided for a fee (180 € in 2017).

Updates to the training contract
As our approach evolves, it is our aim to provide all professionals trained in emotional regulation with an offering that is as consistent, comprehensive and beneficial as possible.
To this end, the latest version of this training contract will apply to all professionals trained by the Tipi association, regardless of their training completion date.