The Tipi Pro training provides the training required for you to help people use their natural capacity to regulate their emotions “in situation” (in the moment they experience a stressful emotion) and “deferred” (when the person is not experiencing an emotion, but wishes to permanently regulate it once it has passed e.g. phobias, anxiety, inhibitions, irritability, depression, and any other stressful emotional reaction).

Successful completion of the full Tipi Pro training course is an absolute prerequisite to helping people regulate their emotions during counselling/therapy.


Tipi Pro is targeted primarily at healthcare and personal development professionals.
This training is not suitable for people whose main purpose is the regulation of their own emotional difficulties.

The course applies innovative teaching methods to equip a small group of people in a condensed amount of time with the skills required to practice emotional regulation professionally.

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Organisation, cost and registration

Tipi Pro is an 9-day training course, spread over 4 modules, with no more than 10 participants in each module.

Course Content

Individual Skype sessions
2x 2 hours

You will learn how to regulate your own emotions and how to help other people regulate theirs when they are experiencing stressful emotions in the moment (Direct Emotional Regulation).
Before learning how to practice Deferred Emotional Regulation in the later modules (when the emotion has passed), it is critical to first learn how to regulate emotions in situation for yourself and for others.

Module 2
Deepen and validate your practice of Direct Emotional Regulation, and learn Deferred Emotional Regulation.
3 days

In this module you will develop and deepen your practice of Direct Emotional Regulation ‘in situation’ on others (when the person is experiencing an emotional difficulty) and we will lay the foundation for Deferred Emotional Regulation (when the person is no longer experiencing the emotion).

Module 3
Deepen and validate your practice of Direct and Deferred emotional regulation
2 days

Module 4
Certification. Development of Deferred Emotional Regulation and Certification
2 days

Emotional Freedom for All
Additional 2-day workshop (free of charge)

2 days additional training upon completion of the certification module.

On day 1 you will learn how to teach a person, individually, how to regulate their own emotions in their daily lives, as they are experiencing a stressful emotion.
On day 2 you will learn how to lead a group session to teach a group of people how to regulate their own emotions in their daily lives, as they are experiencing their stressful emotions.

Quarterly meetups
(included in the Tipi Pro Training)

Certified practitioner meetups are organised on a quarterly basis by Tipi trainers. They last 3 hours and attendance is possible by Webinar if you can’t make it in person.
The meetups are an excellent opportunity to get up-to-speed on the latest developments in the practice of emotional regulation.
Participants can come along with case-studies for discussion and the trainers will provide an update on any new information about or improvements to the practice of emotional regulation.
To encourage widespread participation, the location/town will change each time and certified practitioners who cannot attend in person can participate via a Webinar (direct transmission via internet).


Register for Professional Training in the UK

Complete the online registration form: UK Professional Training Registration Form.

Your pre-registration on the course will be confirmed upon receipt of the administrative fee of 720€.
Click here for the IBAN/Bank account details for the adminstrative fee.

Your registration for the 4 modules will be confirmed upon receipt of payment for this program i.e.
2.170€.  Click here for the IBAN/Bank account details for the teaching modules (not the same as the admin fee)