Training Contract 

Upon completion of the “Tipi Pro” training course in a maximum time period of one year and following the training evaluation that closes the training,

1/ The Tipi Pro professional training gives you the right to:

▷ Use the protocols created by Luc Nicon for the Tipi Association, in sessions provided in a professional setting, to enable and improve the natural capacity to regulate emotions.

Post your professional contact details along with a photo in the directory of emotional regulation professionals on the website.

Use the “Tipi” logo and name, and the “Tipi” graphics that associate emotional regulation with the Tipi Association, all of which are legally protected.

For effective and consistent communications on our approach, the right to use the “Tipi” logo and name and the “Tipi” graphics that associate emotional regulation with the Tipi Association is granted to you personally and not to any professional organisation and your use must comply with the graphic charter made available to you. This right is limited to written communications only (website, social media, documentation) and excludes any usage in audiovisual content.

Furthermore the name “Tipi” must not be used in any domain name or in the name of any other group or application on the Web (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos etc.). Similarly, the “Tipi” logo and the “Tipi” graphics that associate emotional regulation with the Tipi Association must not be used to identify a private or commercial site or to identify any other group or application on the Web. Any such use is subject to the prior written approval of the Tipi Association.

▷ Participate in Professional Meetups by videoconference.
On or more Tipi Association trainers organise meetups for certified professionals 3 times per year (February, June, October). Participants can submit personal case studies for review. The meetups are an excellent opportunity to get the latest developments in and improvements to the practice of emotional regulation.
The meetups in the year of certification and the following calendar year are included in the original course fee and are included in course fee for annual supervisions thereafter.

Reduced prices for books published by “Emotion Forte”.
“Emotion Forte” publishes books by Luc Nicon on the capacity to regulate emotions.
If you want to provide these books to your friends, clients, patients etc. you will be eligible for a reduced price (15% discount for 3 or more books ordered at the same time).
You can order the books using the code provided during your training course:
“Not afraid any more” €20.40 instead of €24
“Sensory Reliving” €17.85  instead of €21
“Tipi” €19.55 instead of €23
“Comprendre ses émotions” (Understanding your emotions, in French only) €13.60 instead of €16

2/ You undertake to:

Comply with the General Terms of Use (GTU) in effect on the Tipi Association website, specifically the section on Intellectual Property.

▷ Work within a legal framework  and a physical environment (registered activity and appropriate facilities) that are suitable for meeting people who wish to regulate their emotional difficulties using Emotional Regulation.

▷ Participate in a supervision day at least once a year.
Supervisions are a yearly exam and certified practitioners are required to attend at least one per year to keep their practice up-to-date, maintain their certified status and appear in the professional directory.
Supervision days are provided for a fee. The current fee is 360€
Professional Meetups are included in the price of the Supervisions.

Accept to receive communications relating to the training and the annual follow-up by email, telephone or a telephone app such as Mail, SMS, Whatsapp etc.

Updates to the training contract
As our approach evolves, it is our aim to provide all professionals trained in emotional regulation with an offering that is as consistent, comprehensive and beneficial as possible.

To this end, the latest version of this training contract in effect on the date of any professional training proposed by the Tipi Association (trainings, supervisions, professional meetups) will apply to any professional who participates in any such training.