Volunteer services provided by the Tipi Association

Emotional Freedom for All workshops 
Link to Emotional Freedom for All workshops 
Emotional Freedom for All workshops are workshops where participants learn how to regulate emotions for themselves. They are free and open to all and have been organised by the Tipi Association since 2014.
They take place over 2 one-hour sessions, are practical and interactive and always include time at the end for informal exchange, questions and answers.
Over 250 certified professionals have completed a two-day training course, provided for free by the Tipi Association teaching staff (Marcia Bénitah, Bénédicte Garel, Marie Pommier and Luc Nicon), to learn how to deliver these workshops.
The Tipi Association website lists all the free “Emotional Training for All” workshops proposed worldwide and has posted over 1000 since the workshops began.

These workshops are provided by, or have been provided by …

Creation of a training video distributed online to teach people how to regulate their emotions
View the film (in French) Tipi en situation

This film was made in 2013 and although it is now out-of-date (our understanding of emotional regulation has advanced since then) it has been viewed more than 400,000 times through many online platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, TipiPro, TipiHumanity, etc.).
Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and encouraged to pursue our main objective: give the maximum number of people around the world the means to regulate their emotions by themselves.
New large-scale audio-visual projects are currently underway and will be available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese

Volunteer consultations 
Link to Volunteer Consultations 

In February 2019 the Tipi association set up an online platform where trained professionals provide free sessions to people with emotional and/or psychosomatic difficulties. The certified professionals volunteer their time and skills.
The following certified professionals provide or have provided voluntary consultations …

Helpline following terrorist attacks or natural disasters

The Tipi Association is able to leverage its website and its social media presence (more than 500,000 hits per year) to organize an immediate response to attacks and disasters and provide free sessions to people who need them.
The responses implemented to date were largely thanks to individual initiatives:
– “Charlie Hebdo” attack in France in January 2015: Maylis Taffinine, Elisabeth Ponsin
– attack in Nice (France) in July 2016: Claire Delaney, Maylis Taffinine, Marie Pommier
This list is not complete and only partially reflects the investment of many professionals following dramatic events.
It is in the same spirit that Luc Nicon went to Lörrach in Germany for 2 days to bring in professional volunteers to help refugees.

Workshops for children 
Link to Workshops for children 
On February 20, 2019, in collaboration with the l’Association Môm’artre, Marie Pommier inaugurated a new one-hour workshop for children from 5 to 10 years old to learn how to use their natural capacity for emotional regulation by themselves.
This event was associated with the launch of the children’s book “Not afraid anymore!” Published by Éditions Émotion Forte.
Marie Pommier also provided free children’s workshops in Paris, Perpignan and Montbrun-Bocage (France).
A program of free workshops for schools will be rolled out in 2020.

Help children in emotional difficulty 
Link to Help children 
The Tipi association offers training courses for adults, especially parents and teachers, so they can help children (2-10 yrs) by soothing their distress and immediately regulating their emotional difficulty (anger, sorrow, distress, inhibition etc.).
Since they were rolled out in 2014, many trained professionals have provided these courses for free.
– Many workshops have been provided for free in France (the list is currently being compiled).
– In the USA, particularly in San Francisco, California, Cédric Bertelli and Luc Nicon initiated and led a project to teach more than 100 teachers how to use emotional regulation to help children in schools, youth establishments and charities (Bay Area Community Resources, California Institute of Integral Studies, Glide Memorial Church, Marin County Office of Education, Dedicated Special Education, Strawberry Point School – Mill Valley, Los Gatos Therapy Center – Los Gatos).

Conduct and supervise research into emotional regulation
Over and above all the volunteer activities carried out by the Tipi Association, research, in all its forms, is at the heart of its mission.
The study conducted on 300 people between 2003 and 2007 by Luc Nicon laid the foundation for emotional regulation.
This research project was conducted entirely within the Tipi Association which gave its name to the resulting book “Tipi”, which presents the study in full and which was published in 2007 by Éditions Émotion Forte.
– Between 2008 and 2013, Luc Nicon, with the help, support and supervision of the Tipi Association, conducted several studies which, in particular, brought to light how losses in consciousness are the source of emotional difficulties.
The results of this research are set out in the book “Sensory Reliving” published in 2013 by Éditions Émotion Forte.
– Since 2014, still within the framework of the Tipi Association, Luc Nicon explored emotional regulation applied to physical and behavioral disorders. This research project, spread over several years and still in progress, has resulted in a new pioneering protocol designed by Luc Nicon.
This protocol, which can be used in emotional regulation sessions, is taught exclusively by Luc Nicon and now several trained professionals are qualified to help people identify the emotions that underly their physical or behavioural disorders and regulate them.
– The Tipi association is also involved in various ongoing studies conducted by emotional regulation professionals.
– The Tipi Association would like to conduct further research, specifically a lab study on the biological modifications induced during an emotional regulation. The association doesn’t have the funding for such projects and is looking for partnerships with various medical and scientific institutions.

Support and supervise the development of teaching methods applied to Tipi Association training courses

Luc Nicon is a specialist in education and he has driven research and developed all the unique teaching methods applied to Tipi Association training courses. This exclusive contribution to the Tipi Association means it can offer high quality training programs to the general public and professionals that ensure high learning efficiency in the shortest possible training time. Tipi Association training courses are constantly updated to incorporate developments in emotional regulation and accredited trainers always have the latest developments. The research and development and the entire Tipi training program is supervised and funded by the Tipi association.