The Tipi Association is a non-profit association, governed by the French Law of 1 July 1901.

It was created on April 7, 2003 in Montpellier (France) by Luc Nicon to provide an administrative and legal framework for a large study of more than 300 people suffering from emotional difficulties (learn more about the origin of emotional regulation).

The Tipi association aims to promote, disseminate and share our natural capacity for emotional regulation.

The head office of the Tipi association is located at 4 rue Pagès in Montpellier – 34070 France
French ID (SIRET number) 448 994 012 00012

The Tipi association’s goal is for everyone in the world to be aware of emotional regulation and to know how to use it.

It is in this spirit that it disseminates information, offers training and organizes many volunteer activities.
The primary purpose of the association is, however, to fund and supervise research on emotional regulation.
The association’s resources come mainly from services provided to approved trainers as part of the professional training courses they run.
The Tipi association is also entitled to receive donations.

Board of Directors 

Luc Nicon
(read more about Luc Nicon)

Responsible for the Tipi association since its creation.
Luc is assisted in the administration of the association by Marie Pommier and Émilie Nicon

Marie Pommier

Marie is a Psychologist (Research Masters in Autism), Naturopath (studied Nutrition, Naturopathy and Ayurveda).
Certified Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie in the US.
Director of a training company in France until 2018 providing training in the social healthcare sector: hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, associations.
In 2014, she discovered the work of Luc Nicon and trained in all aspects of emotional regulation.
Today, Marie uses emotional regulation exclusively in all her individual therapy sessions and trainings.
She teaches emotional regulation to children, adolescents and adults in French, English and Spanish around the world, across all age groups and cultures.

Émilie Nicon
Émilie is an editorial assistant in a publishing agency. She also responsible for Editions Émotion Forte which publishes Luc Nicon’s books. Emilie has followed the development of emotional regulation very closely ever since the creation of the Tipi association. Although she doesn’t practice professionally, she trained in emotional regulation early to provide individual sessions and group trainings. Émilie also created the association “Le hibou tricote” (“The knitting owl”) where she shares her passion for knitting.

The team 

Raphaëlle Rénéric is the Tipi Association Office Manager
Raphaëlle lives near Lyon, in France. She is a certified professional in emotional regulation and provides free emotional freedom for all workshops.

Claire Delaney manages information and training in the English language. – Tel. and WhatsApp +33 6 09 15 88 98
Claire is originally from England and lives in the south of France and in London, UK.She is a certified professional in emotional regulation and provides free emotional freedom for all workshops.She also organizes hikes in the Pyrenees during which she teaches emotional regulation.Claire is also an official legal translator and legal services provider for global companies and consultancy firms (Microsoft, EY Law, etc.).

Chloé Perche manages information and training in the French language. – Tel. and WhatsApp +33 7 69 12 61 81
Chloé lives in southwestern France. She abandonned a successful career as a high-level sales professional following a serious car accident. It was during her recovery that she used emotional regulation for herself and went on to train as certified professional. She provides free emotional freedom for all workshops.

Virginie Debru manages information and training in the Spanish language. – Tel. and WhatsApp +33 7 69 44 69 34
Virginie lived in Spain for 15 years and now lives in southwestern France.
She is a certified professional in emotional regulation and provides free emotional freedom for all workshops.
Virginie is also director of Elemental Bodywork, a training company in Ayurveda and Fasciatherapy operating in Europe and in China.

Patrick Louis is the webmaster
He coordinates a team of IT professionals as part of the Synergetic Group.
Patrick lives in Montpellier, France

Arnaud Dimeglio is a French lawyer and a Doctor of Laws – Tel +33 4 99 61 04 69
Arnaud is specialized in information technology law, communication and intellectual property.
Arnaud consults in France in Montpellier and Paris

Tipi trainers 

Marie Pommier
(View Marie’s Tipi profile)

Marcia Bénitah
(view Marcia’s Tipi profile)

Bénédicte Garel Padioleau
(View Bénédicte’s Tipi Profile)

Luc Nicon
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