After learning how to help children (see “Help children in  situation“),
you can learn how to give this training yourself!

We offer a short personalized training course, delivered online, to learn how to teach emotional regulation individually or to groups.

The personalized and online format gives the training program a lot of flexibility:
◇ Fast response time: you can organize the training as soon as you have decided you want to do it (no need to travel or join a group).
◇ A personalized schedule: each session provided online lasts for no more than 2 hours, which makes it easy to schedule with your trainer.
◇ Your trainer will provide a training program that takes into account your specific needs and pre-existing knowledge and competencies: you will only learn what you need.

For additional information about our trainings: +33 (0)6 09 15 88 98   —

Teach how to “Help children in situation” to individuals
Learn the teaching methods required to teach teenagers and adults how to “Help children in situation”.

Teach “How to help children” to groups
Learn the teaching methods required to teach “How to help children in situation” to groups.

See the bottom of the page for the names of trainers approved by the Tipi Association to provide this training.

Regular follow-ups are provided to ensure your teaching is going well and to incorporate any new developments in the teaching of the course. They are free of charge during the year you complete your course and for the following two calendar years. A fee will then apply as part of a Supervision.

▪ Supervision
Every three years you will make a sound recording of your individual and group trainings and provide the recording to your trainer. Your trainer will listen to one of the recordings to validate the content and, if necessary, provide feedback on any improvements.


• Tous les 3 ans, pour permettre à votre formateur d’écouter l’une de vos formations pour valider son contenu et vous conseiller sur les éventuelles améliorations à apporter, vous devez réaliser un enregistrement de la formation “Enseigner en individuel” ou “Animer des groupes” et le transmettre à votre “Formateur”.