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Steven Tierney, EdD, LPCC is Professor of Community Mental Health and Chair of the Masters in Counseling Psychology Core Curriculum at CIIS.
He holds an MA in Counseling and Social Psychology from Wayne State University and an EdD from Northeastern University.  He is a licensed psychotherapist in California (LPCC) and is a nationally certified counselor (NCC).
Steven has a postgraduate certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy from Boston University. He is a certified addiction specialist (CAS) who has worked in community-based organizations in Boston and San Francisco for four decades; creating and providing innovative mental health and SUD (substance use disorders) prevention and treatment models for adolescents, transition-aged youth and adults.
Steven’s areas of interest include Buddhist psychology and mindfulness-based therapies for addiction, recovery and resiliency services.  Steven is an ordained Buddhist priest and is the co-founder and chief education officer of the San Francisco Mindfulness Foundation.  The SF Mindfulness Foundation provides mindfulness-based relapse prevention, addiction services and provider training.    Dr. Tierney lectures and leads workshops and retreat nationally and has taught at a number of universities including current assignments at the University of San Francisco, JKF University and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.