Laurel Young

321 South Mountain Avenue
Ashland, Oreg 97520 USA

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  • Profesional Tipi certificado
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Laurel Young is a Certified Mediator who specializes in facilitating clients to create outer balance by balancing inner awareness. Utilizing Mediation modalities along with TIPI Emotional Regulation allows for a unique synergistic system re-connecting and allowing clear communication between your emotions and your mind when applied to thoughts, solutions and resolutions within yourself as well as with others. This team approach allows you to easily restructure and create meaningful communications with understanding and confidence.

Emotional Regulation with TIPI whether used alone or in combination with mediation opens the door to fast, effective change allowing your life to evolve to a balanced “decisionary” mode instead of a “reactionary” mode. Utilizing and learning the Emotional Regulation process for yourself is a gift that will keep on giving. Let a TIPI Professional show you how to access and restore freedom into your life!