The Professional training course provides the training required for you to help people use their natural capacity to regulate their emotions in situation (the instant they experience a stressful emotion), and also after the emotion has passed, when the person is not experiencing an emotion, but wishes to permanently regulate it (‘deferred’) e.g. phobias, anxiety, inhibitions, irritability, depression, and any other stressful emotional reaction.

Successful completion of the full professional raining course is required in order to help people regulate their emotions during counselling/therapy.

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Professional training is targeted primarily at healthcare and personal development professionals.
This training is not suitable for people whose main purpose is the regulation of their own emotional difficulties.

The course applies innovative teaching methods to give people the skills required to practice emotional regulation professionally in a relatively short period of time.

Organisation, cost and registration

This is an online training.

A lead trainer will be your main contact up to your certification.
Other trainers will also provide sessions and support throughout your training course.

The training covers:
Many training videos on emotional regulation in general and specific technical points.
Minimum 5 hours of individual sessions with trainers, including many role plays.
Questionnaires to validate your understanding and practice of emotional regulation.
Practice groups and exchanges with other trainees following the course.
Practical assignments to provide to your trainer.

Course fees

For the training course and participation in Professional Meetups in the year of certification and the following calendar year:

Total cost: 2,160 € (or the equivalent in local currency at the time of registration)


▷ Contact Claire Delaney, our training course coordinator, for an introductory interview.
▷ Claire will then send you an online registration form with a link to pay for the training.
▷ Online registration will be effective once you have paid for the course via Paypal.

▷  You can pay for the training in full: 2,160 € (or the equivalent in your local currency)
▷ You can also pay in four monthly payments of 540 € (or the equivalent in your local currency) at no extra charge. 

Payments are to be made via Paypal using your credit card, bank account or paypal account. 

— In French, Professional trainings are provided by Luc Nicon (founder of Tipi), Marie PommierMarcia BénitahBénédicte Garel Padioleau (Swizerland),
— In English, Professional trainings are provided by Marie PommierLuc Nicon.
— In Spanish, Professional trainings are provided by Luc NiconMarie Pommier. 

At the end of the training, your lead trainer will apply objective criteria to assess your performance throughout the training course and, as applicable, will certify you in emotional regulation. If the trainer considers that you do not meet requisite criteria for certification, s/he will conduct a gap assessment and provide you with a personalised training plan. Upon completion of the additional training plan, the trainee may re-apply for certification.
Certification is valid for one year and is renewed during an annual supervision.

Professional meetups (included in the training course fee for the year of certification and the following calendar year). The professional meetups are open to all Certified Professionals. They take place every 4 months, in February, June and October. They are led by a qualified emotional regulation trainer and last for 3 hours. Where applicable, an audio translation into English and Spanish is also available. Participants who can’t attend in person can participate online via a Webinar. All participants can ask written question submitted beforehand and submit personal case studies for review.  The meetups are an excellent opportunity to get up-to-speed on the latest developments and improvements in the practice of emotional regulation. 

Annual supervisions are an assessment-based exam. They validate the practice of each certified professional and attendance is required to renew certified status and to be listed in the the professional directory.
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Training contract 
Read the Training Contract: Professional Training (version 3.00 of 15 Jan 2018) 

Note: This training is not suitable for people whose main purpose is the regulation of their own emotional difficulties.