Tipi is a French research program developed by Luc Nicon, a pedagogy researcher and expert in behavioral communication.
Luc Nicon is recognized all across Europe for having been able to isolate through research a natural capacity present in all of us, that allows re-experiencing through sensations the origin of our emotional difficulties to regulate them permanently.

Based on his discovery, Nicon developped several protocoles for emotional regulation.
These protocoles are very efficient to resolve conditions such as depression, PTSD, fear, anxiety, anger, and grief, among others (see a list of emotional difficulties).

After a car accident or the break-up of a relationship, we are likely to experience heightened emotions. It can feel like they will never end. Yet eventually the emotionality resolves itself, naturally. One day we find ourselves driving without a second thought or madly in love with another person.

Sesión de trabajo de terapeutas certificados (España)

Sesión de trabajo de terapeutas certificados (España) El 20 de Mayo tuvo lugar una sesión de trabajo de terapeutas certificados de España, en Sant Cugat del Vallés, con la asistencia de Luc Nicon. Estas reuniones se realizan con una periodicidad…

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Formación pública en ONCOLLIGA (Sant Cugat del Vallés)

El 16 de Mayo tuvo lugar la primera sesión de la Formación Pública en la Fundación ONCOLLIGA  (Fundació Lliga Catalana d\'Ajuda Oncològica), en sus locales de Sant Cugat del Vallés. Fue un sesión muy…

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Tipi, science et conscience

Conférence de Luc Nicon (bilan sur les connaissances scientifiques autour de Tipi) organisée par Tipi Humanity à Paris, le 29 septembre 2015. Contenu de la conférence : – le parcours de Luc Nicon vers Tipi – les découvertes de Luc Nicon sur le fonctionnement émotionnel – les…

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Dr. Shoshana Simons échange sur Tipi avec Luc Nicon à l’Université de CIIS, San Francisco, Californie, USA

Les questions de Shoshana Simons, responsable de programme à l'université de CIIS, sont en anglais sous-titrées en français et les réponses de Luc Nicon, fondateur de Tipi, sont en français sous-titrées en anglais. &nbsp; <iframe…

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Positiver nuit à la santé !

Ce titre peut paraître provocateur mais, malheureusement, il ne fait que traduire en raccourci notre réalité. Depuis mon enfance, j’entends à longueur de journée qu’il faut taire ses émotions, dépasser les insatisfactions, transcender les difficultés. Enfin bref, sourire à la vie en…

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Tipi Sessions can be done in person or on the phone.

You can do a Tipi session to:

— Heal the impact of a past trauma
— Resolve disruptive emotional or behavioral patterns

— Remove emotional blocks to increase satisfaction with oneself and others

Why Tipi?

What is happening during a Session?

Map of professionnals Tipi
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Join a Free Public Training

Attend a free Tipi Public Training and learn how to use Tipi on your own, ‘in the moment’, during day-to day life, when a difficult emotion arises.

A Public Training is 1 hour long… And it is FREE!
Contact Cedric Bertelli at cedric.bertelli@tipi.life to register.

Upcoming special events

If you want more information on talks or other events organized around Tipi, please contact the organizer of the event directly.

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Help people ‘in the moment’ when they are experiencing an emotional difficulty. 

This training is for:
–        Anyone who wants to help their colleagues, friends and family emotionally.

–        People in the helping professions (nurses, care givers, doctors, dentists, etc.)

–        People working in emergency situations (paramedics, firemen, policemen, etc.)

–        In sport and education (teachers, trainers, etc.)

–        In business (coaches, team leaders, etc.)

Through this course, you will learn to give a helping hand to anyone facing an emotional difficulty in front of you: bringing them to an immediate state of calm and allowing them to resolve the emotional pattern that led them to the emotion they were just feeling.

Note : If you wish to learn how to help a person who is no longer in distress but wishes to resolve his/her emotional difficulties ‘after the fact’, please visit: Become a Tipi Specialist).

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  • Cost : $200 / £140 / 180€ per person