Help people ‘in the moment’ when they are experiencing an emotional difficulty. 

This training is for:
–        Anyone who wants to help their colleagues, friends and family emotionally.

–        People in the helping professions (nurses, care givers, doctors, dentists, etc.)

–        People working in emergency situations (paramedics, firemen, policemen, etc.)

–        In sport and education (teachers, trainers, etc.)

–        In business (coaches, team leaders, etc.)

Through this course, you will learn to give a helping hand to anyone facing an emotional difficulty in front of you: bringing them to an immediate state of calm and allowing them to resolve the emotional pattern that led them to the emotion they were just feeling.

Note : If you wish to learn how to help a person who is no longer in distress but wishes to resolve his/her emotional difficulties ‘after the fact’, please visit: Become a Tipi Specialist).

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  • Cost : $200 / £140 / 180€ per person