Help children over 10 yrs old, teenagers and adults directly ‘in situation’ when they are experiencing emotional distress. 

This training is a natural extension of the ‘Become autonomous’ training, where you learn how to regulate your own difficult emotions in situation.

The training is open to anyone who wants to help their friends, family and colleagues* when they are experiencing emotional distress (fear, stress, anxiety, panic, inhibition, phobia, aggression, anger etc.).  *children from 10 yrs, teenagers, adults, older adults.

The training is perfect for healthcare professionals (nurses, carers, doctors, dentists etc.), emergency service professionals (paramedics, firefighters, police etc), education and sports professionals (youth workers, teachers, sports trainers etc.), business managers (coaches, managers etc.).

To help children younger than 10yrs, go to: Help children ‘in situation’

Note: this training not appropriate for ‘deferred’ regulation, where the person is no longer in emotional distress but consults a qualified professional to regulate the emotions that caused the distress (see Become a professional)

Individual training 
Sessions provided in-person or by Skype.
The training consists of theory and practical exercises based on role-plays, using examples provided by the participant.

Group trainings 
A maximum of 10 participants in each group.