4200166_mAn emotion represents a set of ‘physical sensations’ felt in our bodies. These sensations are specific and can be easily described: heart palpitations, numbness, a knot in your stomach, hot flashes, paralysis, being short of breath, trembling, cold sweat, dry throat, trembling legs, a stinging on your back, a hot feeling in your stomach, your chest feels like it is going to burst… in short, emotions are expressed by your body physically and can be directly identified. If the body reacts physically when we face our environment, our thoughts, or our recollections, we are feeling an emotion. And if the physical symptoms we are feeling are unpleasant, so are the emotions. If we are stressed, anxious, inhibited, blocked, it is because our body is reacting to a stimulation of our memory. This reaction produces uncomfortable physical sensations that do not allow us to act or to think normally. These unpleasant sensations are inevitably in us: most of  them are muscle tensions and are easily recognizable as long as we are willing to pay attention to them.


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