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Coronavirus, Immune Systems and Emotions!

What can we do in the face of this pandemic? Follow the security measures recommended by our leaders, take care of our immune systems and … regulate our emotions!
All scientists agree that our emotions, and so our fears, considerably weaken our immune system.
And with what is happening in the world, who isn’t afraid? Afraid of dying, of falling ill, of seeing our loved ones suffer or losing them, fear of confinement etc.
And the unique living conditions we are called up on to adopt, such as confinement, children at home, teleworking etc – can lead to any number of emotional difficulties: anger, anxiety, irritation, confrontation, feeling overwhelmed, alone in the world, suffocating etc.

Volunteer professionals, trained in Tipi emotional regulation, are available to help you regulate and find lasting relief from your emotions, to help you live through the current situation as well as possible, and to boost your immune system.

You can find us on the Tipi Association Helpline:
(the site will be updated with new time slots every day, as they become available, so visit the page regularly)
The emotional regulation sessions offered are free of charge and available in several languages by telephone, Skype, Whatsapp.

Help us take care of you!