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"I've had a bridge phobia for over 7 years. One session of Tipi with Cedric made it so that I was able to drive over the bridge for the first time in years, without panic. I'm very grateful and believe Tipi is a quick and effective way to treat debilitating anxiety and other things. Thank you, Cedric!"

Karin Elizabeth    14 August 2014    Mills Valley   

When I first heard about Tipi and the possibility of directly addressing my unconscious fears, I immediately thought of one of my big ones—fear of drowning. I could swim, but I never felt comfortable in water whether it was shallow or deep, in a warm pool or a placid river. I had always loved beaches and boat trips but could never fully enjoy them because of a deep feeling of unease that dampened my enjoyment. I had also had many experiences where I just froze up and forgot to use my swimming skill. So I did my first Tipi on my fear of drowning. I was surprised at how simple the process was. We didn’t go over my history with this fear or analyze my feelings. I simply went along with the process and allowed myself to release my fearful emotions. Immediately after doing the process, I knew deep down that it had worked. I told everyone that I had dissolved my fear in water and would now be able to engage in swimming, snorkeling and boating and be able to fully enjoy it. This I truly believed even though I would not have an opportunity to confirm it for two months when I had a trip planned for Hawaii where I would swim and snorkel in the ocean. I went on the trip with full confidence that I would find a new experience in the ocean. Needless to say, I had a great vacation, spent time swimming and snorkeling everyday, and fully enjoyed water activities without fear.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have also found that several other fears had been dissolved—fear of heights, dark close spaces, etc. I went on to learn how to do self-Tipi and have addressed other unconscious fears on my own. Over the course of my life, I have learned many helpful self-help skills. Practicing Tipi has given me something quite different from my other skills and has changed my life.

Ed Porter    3 May 2014    San Francisco Bay Area Resident   

"I've explored and experienced a range of therapies and therapeutic modalities over the decades. Some analytical, some somatic based. While at first enquiry Tipi may similar to other certain methods, upon experience with it, I discovered it to be quite distinct, as a technique. And, furthermore, outstandingly effective for the specific 'issues' I have applied the Tipi technique to. What has also impressed me tremendously is the fact that one is not left dependent upon visiting a Tipi Specialist time and time again, but can be taught to use the technique 'autonomously'... it is a powerful tool for personal development and wellbeing. I wish I had been able to learn it while in my youth... it is incredibly empowering." –

MG    24 April 2014    San Francisco, California   

I had one tipi session with Cedric for an issue that had been bothering me for several months. He was clear in his explanations of the process, I felt totally comfortable working with him, and i found immediate relief from the work we did. The issue, and the accompanying anxiety, feel totally resolved to this day. I have recommended the work to several people since my session and will absolutely continue to.


a.n.    17 April 2014   

After attending the free Tipi workshop I started to use it in my day to day life and have been happily surprised by the results. I have been able to get rid of stress and triggers when interacting with my family which before the Tipi training was usually a painful ordeal. I strongly believe that everyone should learn the Tipi method and use it as a valuable tool part of their coping mechanisms.

Dmitry Zotman    11 March 2014   

"TIPI was my last resort. I felt imprisoned by my fear until I met Cedric and his knowledge of TIPI.
Even though it was not easy to make these kinds of confessions as they are really private, I told him about my fear and some details about it.
He certainly listened to me and I congratulate him for his sensitivity.
Since our meeting, Cedric gave me back the freedom I lost 20 years ago.
The only regret I have today is that I wish I knew TIPI and Cedric before.
I would highly recommend Cedric as he is a very understanding therapist, and he basically just changed my life in a better way.
You can trust me, it’s worth it. "

Matthieu NOLLET    5 January 2014   

"Simply put, Tipi has changed my life...
Because of its simple yet effective sensory evoking techniques, I was able to awake to my true self through my physical body, and live my life at the very present moment.
Difficult initially, yet by my desire of growing and by the powerful and gentle teaching from a Tipi specialist, and by working with the Tipi community, I am able to resolve my past conditioning, and enjoy a much fulfilled life."

David Song    14 June 2013    Los Altos, CA