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Our next Tipi PRO training in the UK will take place in London on the 8th, 9h and 10th of December 2017!
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At the end of this training, you will be a TIPI Practitioner and can choose to appear on the Tipi website as a Tipi professional and start working with clients.

During this training you will: 

  • Learn how to resolve long-standing traumas and disruptive emotional patterns of clients/patients/family/friends/colleagues.
  • Understand how to find the source of an emotional difficulty, through physical sensations, and regulate it permanently.
  • Learn the technique and apply it using case studies and role plays with participants.
  • Master the French approach that has changed how we understand and resolve emotional difficulties.


At the end of the Tipi Professional Training, you will: 

  • Be able to use Tipi to help people in emotional difficulty.
  • Be able to help people (from age 2 onwards) resolve an emotional difficulty that they are experiencing ‘in the moment’ in front of you.
  • Be able to help people (from age 9 onwards) resolve an emotional difficulty retroactively, i.e. regulate an emotional pattern that they can identify but are not actually feeling ‘right now’ (phobias, anxieties, PTSD, inhibitions, learning blocks, anger, depression, and simply all unwanted recurrent emotional reaction).
  • Be eligible to take additional trainings tailored for practioners who have some client experience and would like to take their Tipi practice to the next level.


Who is this training for? Although this course is primarily for health, education, sports and business professionals, it will also be beneficial for anyone who wants to help their family, friends and colleagues.


Tipi Professional Programs are recognized as a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider (# 128410) in the USA.


Why sign up for the Tipi Professional Training?

Specialization: Tipi heals long-standing traumas & emotional patterns. Increase your professional skill set and your clients’ recognition

Efficiency: Tipi will resolve a specific emotional difficulty in just one 15 to 30-minute session.

Flexibility: You can do a Tipi session in person or by phone/skype. Save your time and your clients’ time


Training Cost for 3 days, maximum 10 participants: 

Individuals/Freelancers: 900€
Continuing Professional Development funded by employer/government agency: 1800€

Discount for students (-25 years-old) : -50%


Deposit: 300€ upon registration

Possible to pay in instalments

Registration to the Professional training



Marie Pommier, French Psychologist, Tipi Trainer


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